My subject matter is varied but I often work in series. I like to paint places that are “Breathing spaces” from our busy world such as deserted beaches, dyke trails, inlets, and creek beds. I also like to paint things from the natural world which gives me the opportunity to explore design. Although my work may appear representational, I select, design, exaggerate, alter, simplify, and invent. It is a creative process and I take pleasure in creating images that would not otherwise exist in quite the same way.

The paintings on this website are some samples of my work. All the work is the copyright of the artist and may not be reproduced in any way without my consent. I ask you to be respectful of this. Not all works are for sale. My prices for original works vary, depending on size and if there is framing.

Some works can be viewed at my Port Moody Art Studio by invitation or appointment only.

For more information contact me at or phone (604) 469-1689


I like variety so I work with various subjects and media, as well as various sizes. I love the fragility, mood and luminosity I can achieve with watercolours and the textures, layering of colours and spontaneity I can achieve with acrylics and oils. I chose the medium best suited to the subject or mood of my painting.

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